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Follow Omar Miller as he tells the story behind Advantage Cleaning’s amazing team, and the road to become one of the most revered cleaning companies in New York City.

Beyond Clean with ACE [podcast]

The Impact of Care and Concern on Building a Thriving Workforce

Meet Omar Miller, the tenacious, New York-based business aficionado who has made remarkable strides within the cleaning industry.

His ethos of employee growth and leadership has been a pathway to not only industry success but also to a loyal, dedicated workforce ready to weather any storm.

Despite providing competitive salaries and benefits, you may find that your employees lack a sense of belonging and commitment. Instead of the dedicated workforce you desire, you may be witnessing a lack of motivation, decreased productivity, and a revolving door of employees.

Cleaning & Cocktails [podcast]

What Does It Take To Break Into BIG MARKETS?

Omar Miller shares his story with Ricky Regalado, about hustling to build one of New York City’s most revered cleaning companies

Being an entrepreneur has always meant grinding and hustling 24/7 – Thats especially true if you’re trying to make it in a big market like LA, Chicago and New York. Omar Miller of Advantage Cleaning tells his story of breaking through in NYC, and how strategizing and staying vigilant helped him land a life changing contract for his cleaning company.

The profitable cleaner []

From Uber Driver to Multi-Million Dollar Cleaning Company

Omar Miller shares his story with Angel Sandoval on building a million-dollar cleaning company in NYC.

Why is it so difficult for everyone to pursue their goals or dreams? Many people leave the cleaning industry because they believe they are failing at something. Today we are with Omar Miller, a commercial cleaner owner in New York who has been in the industry for over 12 years now! The recession that began in 2007 affected Omar’s business.Omar worked in real estate but also worked as a door-to-door salesman. When he was an Uber driver, trying to make ends meet, he received his first account while driving! Always keep in mind that you have to try your hardest at all times!

In this Profitable Cleaning episode you will learn: When do you identify your process? What does it take to be a successful cleaning company? When to decide is the time to develop an employee into a vital role for the company.

The housekeepers podcast

Building The Leading Cleaning Company In New York In 4 Short Years

Omar Miller shares his story of building one of the most revered cleaning companies in New York, and how it all started with hustling at the age of 12, to real estate, door to door sales of fiber optic cable products in the cold Boston winter, to building Advantage Cleaning in New York City, the country’s most competitive market for commercial cleaning.

Omar Miller talks with host, Ralph Peterson

Cleaning Process podcast

Cleaning Processes with Jerry

Omar describes how and why he started his company just a few years ago after being an Uber driver. There, he learned some foundations for succeeding in today’s world.

From the beginning of going door to door and cold calling whoever would listen, he developed a company that seemed like his family.

It is no wonder I tried to get Omar before I even did my first podcast ten months ago. Enjoy