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Advantage Cleaning LLC offers comprehensive cleaning services for construction sites, including post-construction clean-up, debris removal, and detailed cleaning of newly constructed buildings.

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Our Expertise – Post Construction Cleaning Services

Advantage Cleaning has been providing post construction cleaning and post renovation cleaning services in New York NY for construction companies in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts for more than a decade.

Post construction cleaning services are different from commercial cleaning services, as it requires:
  • Experience in managing larger projects
  • A team of cleaners that can operate efficiently as a unit
  • Handle industrial cleaning equipment, and
  • Selecting the right cleaning agents needed for post construction cleanups.

We manage and handle every aspect of the post construction cleaning process: planning, logistics, cleaning, waste disposal and quality control. So whether you just need a final cleaning or construction cleaning for a long punch-list, we have the expertise.

Post construction cleaners at construction site in New York
Rough cleaning restrooms - post construction
Rough cleaning, clean up of debris and sweeping
Post construction rough floor cleaning
Light cleaning, vacuuming and preparation for final clean.
Post construction final cleaning
Final clean after punch-list is completed and before handover.

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been a truly fantastic partner to work with on our projects. Elite Flooring has been in the commercial flooring business for over 65 years and we have found a cleaning service that we trust on all of our projects.

Once hired, you don’t have to think about the project again. They take care of scheduling and will finish the project no matter the circumstances. We have used them in schools and universities and have never had a complaint. If you need a cleaning service that is fast and efficient, Advantage Cleaning LLC is the choice you should make.

– John, Elite Flooring LLC

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Contact us for a free on-site walk-through and estimate that includes a detailed post construction cleaning plan, and time frame.

Omar Miller - Advantage Cleaning New York

Post Construction Cleaning Process

The 3 phases of post construction cleaning and post renovation cleaning services of commercial property.

Step 1: Rough clean

Usually done before flooring & finishing is installed, it can be a quick cleaning.  Heavy dirt and dust are removed. Removal of construction trash & debris left on floors, walls, and all items horizontal and vertical.

Step 2: Light clean

This cleaning can be performed before and after the punch-list is completed. Before punch-list completion is to remove dust and soil on surfaces; after punch-list completion is a light/fluff clean to remove extra dust and floor marks created from punch list activities.

Step 3: Final clean

Mobilized after all finishes are installed and before the punch list is completed. Final clean shall make the building 100% clean and move in ready.

Construction Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services provide a high quality cleaning service derived from years of experience. We are cleaning experts and use only professional equipment when deep cleaning a difficult job.

Main Entry / Lobby

  • Remove Trash and debris
  • High Dusting – Ceiling Corners, Light Fixtures, Air Ducts, Blinds, Window Frames
  • Clean and Polish Stainless Steel – Push Plates, Kick Plates
  • Construction Dust Removal
  • Floors – Sweep, Vacuum, Damp Mop

Hallways / Common Areas

  • High Dusting – Ceiling pipes, ceiling corners, light fixtures, vents, blinds, window ledges and pictures.
  • Dust Horizontal Surfaces – pictures, ledges, bookshelves and metal surfaces
  • Low Dusting – Chair and Table Legs, Sides of Desks, Cabinets
  • Baseboards – Dust Light Switches and Phones – Clean and Sanitize
  • Kick Plates, Push Plates – Spot Clean
  • Wipe Walls
  • VacuumCarpets and Carpeted Mats

Restroom Cleaning

  • Remove trash and debris
  • Clean – Sinks, Countertops, Toilets, Urinals
  • Clean – Mirrors, Glass, Chrome
  • Clean – Soap, Tissue, Towel Dispensers
  • Clean – Partition Doors and partitions
  • Wipe down – Restroom Walls, Door Handles, Light Switches
  • Bathroom Floor – Sweep, Vacuum, Damp Mop

Office & Apartment Cleaning

  • Dust walls, ledges, and windowsills
  • High Dusting – Ceiling Corners, Lights, Vents
  • Low Dusting – Base boards
  • Clean – Light Switches
  • Dust – Office Doors
  • Clean and Polish – Push Plates/Kick Plates
  • Remove trash and debris

Break room / Kitchen

  • Remove trash and debris
  • Clean and Polish – Sinks and Countertops
  • High Dusting – Ceiling Corners, Lights, Vents, Blinds
  • Dust Horizontal Surfaces
  • Clean – Light Switches
  • Clean and Polish – Push Plates/Kick Plates
  • Hard Floor – Vacuum/Dust Mop/Mop

Stair Wells / Elevators

  • Clean – Hand Rails
  • Vacuum Carpet/Hard floor
  • Dust Walls and Lights
  • Polish Grab Bars and Walls
  • Damp Mop Hard Floor

Window Cleaning

  • Remove plastic, caulking, adhesives, and debris
  • Use plastic scraper to remove debris
  • Outside Perimeter – Wash with applicator and squeegee
  • Inside Perimeter – Wash with applicator and squeegee
  • Office Side Lights – Wash with applicator and squeegee
  • Inside Office Partition – Wash with applicator and squeegee

Floor Cleaning

  • Resilient Floors – Scrub and Wax
  • Ceramic Tile – Machine Scrub
  • Ceramic Tile – Clean and Seal Grout
  • Stone Floor Care – Clean and Polish
  • Carpet Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction, encapsulation, bonnet

Exterior Cleaning

  • Sweep Doorways
  • Remove Trash and Debris within 6 feet
  • Power washing exterior sidewalks
  • Exterior of building
  • Parking lot

We mesure quality

We Deliver The Construction Cleaning Quality Your Business Rely On

Your confidence at final hand-over of your renovation or new construction can be nerve wrecking. We have the control system that delivers high quality every time and builds your confidence.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system
Trained & Certified professional office cleaners

Expert Post Construction Cleaning Professionals

How We Stay Current

We are here to mitigate your concerns about your professional cleaning services. We train our staff on how to disinfect and clean according to the CDC and OSHA guidelines for keeping your facility at a maximum health and safety level.

A key element in the high quality of our construction cleaning services, is how we stay current through our memberships in leading national building maintenance and commercial cleaning organizations.

This is our guarantee to our customers that they always get well trained and certified construction cleaning professionals that can deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and application of the right cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.

Environment, Social & Governance Commitments - Advantage Cleaning

Commitment To Sustainability

Our Commitment To Our environment & community

The Advantage Cleaning ESG commitment guides our operations, ensuring that we promote sustainability, ethical conduct, and responsible corporate governance.

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  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
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