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Commercial Post Construction Cleaning Services

We provide the HIGH-quality post-construction cleaning that general contractors need to handle any complex big construction project. Our cleaning services for construction companies deliver high-quality on time every time.

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Excellence in Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Advantage Cleaning has been providing post construction cleaning services and renovation cleaning services for big commercial construction projects for more than a decade.

We provide the expertise that large commercial construction projects require:

  • Experience in managing large construction cleaning projects
  • On-site supervisor that handles every part of the construction cleanup.
  • Ability to scale up cleaning crew and equipment as needed.
  • Trained experts in construction cleaning that operate quick and efficiently as one unit.
  • Expertise in disposal of construction debris, and hazardous materials in line with local regulations

So whether you just need a final cleaning or construction cleaning for a long punch-list, we have the expertise.

Post construction cleaners at construction site in New York
Rough cleaning restrooms with construction debris, dust, dirt and leftover building materials
Rough cleaning restrooms
Rough cleaning - vacuum of construction dust dirt and leftover debris on construction site
Light cleaning and preparation for final clean.
Final clean - power washing concrete side-walk
Pressure washing concrete side-walk
Post construction cleanup final clean - construction site free of debris and dust particles
Final clean after punch-list is completed.

What You Can Expect As Construction Project Manager

When you as the construction project manager are in the final stages of the construction process, you are tight on time and razor focused on construction work and completing the punch-list before handover.

You are not looking for at cleaning company to manage, check up on quality, if construct waste is disposed of correctly, or whether progress is sufficient to meet the dead-line for handover.

Advantage Cleaning’s on-site supervisor manage everything without your involvement. We scale up on cleaners and equipment as needed, handle issues proactively, and solve issues that popup, without your involvement, unless requested by you.

We manage the construction cleaning project from start to finish
We manage the construction cleaning project for you, from start to finish.

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been a truly fantastic partner to work with on our projects. Elite Flooring has been in the commercial flooring business for over 65 years and we have found a cleaning service that we trust on all of our construction projects.

Once hired, you don’t have to think about the project again. They take care of scheduling and will finish the project no matter the circumstances. We have used them in schools and universities and have never had a complaint. If you need construction cleaning services that are fast and efficient, Advantage Cleaning LLC is the choice you should make.

– John, Elite Flooring LLC

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Omar Miller - Advantage Cleaning New York

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Our cleaning service consiste of 3 phases of post construction cleaning and post post construction cleanup of any commercial renovation project or construction job. Our construction cleaning services system is based on years of experience delivering the highest level of quality construction cleaning.

Step 1: Rough cleanING

The rough clean phase consist of removal of large debris and completed before flooring is installed.

Step 2: Light cleanING

The light clean includes deep cleaning of building and exterior grounds during the completion of the punch-list.

Step 3: Final cleanING

The final cleaning includes detailed cleaning after final construction work and touch up cleaning for final handover.

What does post-construction cleaning include?

With Advantage Cleaning as your construction cleaning company we will together with you create de detailed cleaning plan for construction cleanup that delivers experience you need for the property owner. We provide you with specialized cleaning services for construction projects and a detailed construction cleaning checklist which we use for quality control and reporting.

Our cleaning services for construction - vacuum of construction dust dirt and leftover debris on construction site

Expert Post Construction Cleaning Professionals

We are here to mitigate your concerns about your professional cleaning services. We train our staff on how to disinfect and clean according to the CDC and OSHA guidelines for the construction industry and waste disposal regulations for construction sites.

As our customer you always get highly trained and certified construction cleaning professionals who can deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and application of the right eco-friendly chemicals and disinfectants.

BSCAI Verified Member

We mesure quality

We Deliver The HIGH-Quality Post Construction Cleanup Construction Managers Rely On

We have the construction cleaning system that delivers high quality every time and builds your confidence.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system
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Commitment To Sustainability

Our Commitment To Our environment & community

The Advantage Cleaning ESG commitment guides our operations, ensuring that we promote sustainability, ethical conduct, and responsible corporate governance.

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