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As a construction project manager, you’re accustomed to orchestrating the project from start to handover. As the finishing touches are being laid down and the day for handover approaches, you call your cleaning company to start post-construction cleanup. But how does the cleaning contractor set the stage for your grand unveiling for your client?

In this article, we’ll explore the three phases of post-construction cleaning and the best practices needed to ensure a spotless finish to your construction or renovation project.

What Are the Phases of the Post-Construction Cleaning Process?

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized process that consist of 3-phases and involves equipment tools, and expertise in waste disposal to comprehensively clean and prepare a new construction site for handover. This type of cleaning is more intensive than regular commercial cleaning services. It is designed to handle the unique challenges of a construction site. It includes everything from the disposal of construction debris and removing heavy dust, to a final precision cleaning in preparation for the building handover.

The three phases of post-construction cleanup are:

  1. Phase 1 – Rough Cleaning
  2. Phase 2 – Light Cleaning
  3. Phase 3 – Final Cleaning
3 phases of construction cleaning

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning – Setting the Foundation

Imagine a 500,000 sqft new construction project in Manhattan. This colossal building demands meticulous cleaning, a large team of post-construction cleaners, and a supervisor to oversee the elaborate process. Each cleaner has their own digital cleaning checklist to complete while the cleaning supervisor manages timelines and ensures strict adherence to cleaning, safety, and quality control procedures.

The Rough Cleaning phase is the crucial foundation on which the subsequent stages will stand. The major tasks included in Phase I of the post-construction cleaning process are the removal of construction materials and debris, as well as sweeping and vacuuming to remove heavy dust and dirt. It is usually done before flooring and finishing are installed and includes all necessary horizontal and vertical surfaces.

This phase matters because it is the first time you, as the project manager, see the building as it will present itself to the new owner. It is the last chance to spot elements that require fixing before the final walk-through at hand-over.

The Value – The project manager has the opportunity to spot elements that need fixing earlier so they can avoid surprises on handover day. 

Removing construction debris, sweeping, and vacuuming are essential parts of the Rough Cleaning phase.
Removing construction debris, sweeping, and vacuuming are essential parts of the Rough Cleaning phase.

Post-construction cleaners remove the finer layers of dust and grime left behind after the initial Rough Cleaning and remove any remaining traces of construction activity.

Phase 2: Light Cleaning – Precision and Detailed Cleaning

Now that the heavy dirt and debris has been cleared away, the Light Cleaning phase is where your creation transforms into an immaculate sanctuary. Cleaners remove the finer layers of dust and grime left behind after the initial Rough Cleaning and remove any remaining traces of construction activity.

As a construction project manager, you understand that precision makes the difference. Just as precision cutting in fabrication ensures perfect fits, meticulous detailing elevates the space’s aesthetics.

Main Value – With the heavy cleaning finished, Phase 2 light cleaning can focus on meticulously washing away lighter dirt and grime to make your space presentation-ready.

Light clean phase - floor cleaning during post construction cleaning

Phase 3: Final Cleaning – Presentation and Handover

Now, as you stand at the threshold of project completion, the Final Cleaning phase takes the spotlight. This phase is all about ensuring your building is not only impeccably clean but also ready for its intended purpose. It involves a deep clean, meticulous touch-ups, floor cleaning.

Tidying the parking lot and other exterior areas to create an image that mirrors the building owner’s expectations.

For you, the construction project manager, this phase matters profoundly. It’s the culmination of your vision and hard work, presenting a masterpiece to the building owner who is eager to welcome new occupants to their impressive new facilities.

Main Value – The Final Cleaning is essential for ensuring top-quality cleanliness across the entire project, maximizing the appeal of both interior and exterior spaces.

Final cleaning - floor detailing during post construction cleaning

Final detailed touches being applied during the final cleaning phase of construction cleaning.

Economic Benefits of Post-Construction Cleaning

Staying on schedule and within budget are critical aspects of any construction project. This means that, at first glance, hiring and coordinating a separate cleaning contractor may seem counterintuitive. However, commercial construction cleaners offer excellent returns in these areas.

Seasoned post-construction cleaners have the knowledge and equipment needed to work efficiently alongside final construction activities, doing a better job in a shorter time than someone without specialized construction cleaning experience. This typically means less overall cleaning labor to achieve the same or often better results. Using professional cleaners also lowers the risk of incidents since these experts are experienced both at working around active construction sites and at applying advanced techniques for accessing and handling hard-to-clean areas.

Another benefit our customers have frequently seen is a reduction in the size and scope of their remedial tasks. Because cleaning alongside final construction often highlights items needing repair, it allows construction crews to address them earlier on, minimizing costly rework.

Overall, our customers have consistently found that the benefits of our consistent, high-quality cleaning services are worth the investment.


In the symphony of construction projects and busy construction workers, the post-construction cleanup might seem like a subtle note, but its resonance is undeniable. Each phase – Rough Cleaning, Light Cleaning, and Final Cleaning – plays a vital role in converting a discordant construction site into a pristine and harmonious space.

The culmination of months or years of construction efforts happens when you hand over the facilities to the owner so they can welcome the building’s future occupants. Post-construction cleaning is crucial to maximizing the appeal and value of your final product.”

The existing content focuses primarily on the impressive work of the construction team. Instead, I wanted to show that construction cleaning is the exclamation point at the end of a long and grueling journey. Essentially saying, “You’ve spent so much time and money to make something amazing, so it would be disappointing not to emphasize that.

Environmental Impact of Construction Cleaning

Additionally, Advantage Cleaning is well-versed in federal, state, and municipal regulations for handling and transporting waste in the regions we operate. We frequently assist our clients with efficient waste sorting and transporting to improve their sustainability and minimize levies related to the transport and disposal of construction waste. Our expertise covers handling both common construction & demolition debris, like masonry materials and wood, and hazardous wastes generated by construction activities, like paints, organic solvents, and used oil.

Construction projects generate a significant amount of waste, contributing to environmental concerns. However, by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques, proper post-construction cleaning can play a vital role in reducing waste and lowering a project’s ecological footprint.

EPA: construction and demolition activities accounted for nearly 38.1% of total landfill waste

According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), construction and demolition activities accounted for nearly 38.1% of total landfill waste in the United States in 2018. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for sustainable waste management strategies within the construction industry.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (2020). Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures.

Best Practices for Post-Construction Cleaning

To ensure the most effective cleaning, consider these best practices:

  • Hire professional post-construction cleaners: A professional construction cleaner has the tools, knowledge, and experience to do the job right, along with the manpower and leadership needed to tackle larger projects.
  • Use eco-friendly products: This ensures the safety of the occupants and is better for the environment.
  • Follow a digitalized checklist: A construction cleaning checklist and through training to help ensure coordination, consistency in quality, and that no task is overlooked.
  • Critical manpower: Sufficient manpower is critical to adopt to the project’s constantly changing timeline and still be able to finish on time.
  • Waste disposal: Understands the local regulations for disposal of construction waste.
  • Detailed cleaning checklist: A detailed construction cleaning checklist helps ensure that you follow tasks and don’t succumb to individual and personal standards.

Advantage Cleaning – Experts in Post-Construction Cleaning

Our large teams of professional cleaners specialize in post-construction cleaning services.

Advantage Cleaning has the manpower and equipment needed to take on contracts for expansive buildings. Our flexibility and experience working on construction sites make us the preferred choice for post-construction cleaning.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering consistent, high-quality cleaning and waste management services. As you approach the handover of your construction project, consider partnering with Advantage Cleaning LLC for unmatched results.

We Can Help Uphold Robust Sustainability Standards

At Advantage Cleaning LLC, we’re committed to more than just high-quality cleaning services. We operate using an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework dedicated to sustainability and supporting our communities.

With Advantage Cleaning’s construction cleanup quality control system, including debris sorting, recycling, and waste minimization. This program is focused on improving the sustainability of our post-construction cleaning operations to help our construction industry partners reduce their environmental impact.

We help you manage the strict standards, tight schedule, and progress

We run our cleaning teams with precision, systems, quality control, and continuous improvement debriefs. This process is owned by our project manager and supervisor who will be your single point of contact and from whom you will receive daily status on completion and mitigation so that you know the dead-line is protected. We exist to remove any need for you as project manager to follow-up, chase status, and feverishly work to manage cleaning … that is what Advantage Cleaning does better than anyone.

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