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We serve customers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with the consistent high-quality commercial cleaning and building maintenance your business relies on.

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Our Core Values

Achieving the desired consistent high-quality results for your location requires product knowledge, reliability, and a fiduciary duty to our clients, ensuring the utmost integrity is upheld while representing your company and image to everyone entering your space.

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We mesure quality

We Deliver The Cleaning Quality Your Business Relies On

To our clients consistent high-quality commercial cleaning and building maintenance is important and positively impacts their business. We have been selected because Advantage Cleaning has the quality control system that ensures the highest level of consistent quality on our commercial cleaning and building maintenance.

About Our Quality System
Our commercial cleaning quality control system
We train, inspect, measure, improve, and report at each client facility to ensure our high quality standards.

“I am the Facilities Manager at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York and have been with my company for twenty years. I can honestly say that in my twenty years’ experience, Advantage Cleaning is by far the best cleaning company I have ever worked with.
They are a dedicated team that show up on time and when they are in the attraction, they pay attention to all the little details. They do such a great job here at our attraction that if given the choice to have the cleaning crew become an in-house internal team, I would refuse because of how good a job they do.

– Director Facilities – Madame Tussaud’s New York

Our Services are specialized for Commercial Facilities

Our commercial cleaning crew composition, training, cleaning process, supporting technology, and quality control are centered around the industry, commercial facilities, and clients we serve.

We mesure Ourselves on quality

Meet Our Team Of True Cleaning Professionals

Our team’s commitment to our cleaning process and quality standards is how we can deliver high-quality commercial cleaning and building maintenance efficiently, on schedule, and go above and beyond to form a lasting relationship with our clients.

Meet The Team
Our professional cleaners in Advantage Cleaning uniforms

“Omar and team have supported me through two companies I worked for. They are prompt, professional and do a thorough job each time they clean. It made perfect sense when I moved on to a bigger retail company to ask if they would work with me again.

In business its always a comfort to know a business you rely on to keep your space spotless never lets you down.”

Anna – Vivienne Westwood, New York
Environment, Social & Governance Commitments - Advantage Cleaning

Our Commitment To ESG

Our Commitment To Our Environment & Community

Our ESG framework guides our operation and ensures that we promote sustainability, ethical conduct, and responsible corporate governance.

Our ESG Achievements

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Areas We Serve
Areas we serve - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut - Advantage Cleaning

In The Media

Follow Advantage Cleaning on their amazing journey of proving how a high quality commercial cleaning service can positively impact revenue for businesses, and achieving a dream of creating employment, purpose, and personal growth for hundreds of professional cleaners.

In The Media
Advantage Cleaning In The Media
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We’re always hiring New commercial cleaners

At Advantage Cleaning you learn all the details of commercial cleaning excellence and what it takes to provide consistent high-quality commercial cleaning.

We’re always hiring commercial cleaners and would love to receive your unsolicited application for the role as commercial cleaner.

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