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We Help You Achieve Pride & Confidence In The Appearance Of Your Facilities, And Raving Reviews From Your Customers.

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“We pride ourselves of the safety and appearance of your facilities”

The qualities that we stand on are a clear vision and identity of who we are as a commercial cleaning company, which transcend in our work, and has allowed our customers to see why people choose us over the competition.

Omar Miller

CEO & Team leader of Advantage Cleaning LLC

Omar Miller, CEO Advantage Cleaning

The Highest Quality Service Offered in New York

We have the Cleaning system that ensures your confidence and pride in the appearance of your facilities.

We exist because “We Care About Your Appearance”, and our goal is to provide the confidence, pride, and trust that every company should experience from their cleaning company.

The purpose of the Advantage Cleaning “Quality KPI’s” and and “Process Improvement Plan”, is to provide you with the confidence and experience that your facilities are always immaculate, so you can enjoy the spontaneous praise from your co-workers and customers.

Since 2010 we have been continuously refining our cleaning Process-Improvement-Plan, cleaning crew training, quality inspection, client communication, and our digital cleaning platforms, on which our operation is managed, down to every little detail.

Process improvement plan

highest quality standards and raving reviews from your customers

Our cleaning crew work according to your custom cleaning plan, our checklist, and doubles as the quality inspection checklist.

We Measure Quality & Identify Areas for improvement

At Advantage Cleaning, cleaning quality and client business impact is measured, reviewed with our client, and changes are made instantly, and swiftly implemented in our cleaning system and quality inspection process.

Improvements are implemented & inspected Before Next Review Meeting

The cleaning process for a specific area that needs improvement and immediately adjusted in the leaning plan, and quality inspection confirms the improvement in quality.

We Are Relentless About Our Cleaning System

Training of our crew of +100 professional cleaners takes place everyday at our client’s facilities to ensure everyone on the team knows their role, which part of the client cleaning plan they are responsible for, how it should be done, and report when ready for inspection.

Advantage Cleaning Team in New York
The most friendly, best trained, and motivated cleaners in New York

World Class Crew

We care about our team of professional cleaners because they are the reason for our happy clients and our success.

Constant Professional Cleaning Training

The basis of our high quality cleaning service is our crew training. We provide training during onboarding of new cleaners, certifications, and relentless everyday training in our cleaning system, our

Quality Control during every cleaning job

Our cleaning crew manager is handling quality inspection and client site specific guidance and training to insure swift implementation of any changes to your cleaning requirements is implemented and checked at every cleaning job.

Our cleaning technology

Our cleaning technology is an essential part of our operation. It at the hand of every member of our cleaning team to ensure we deliver quality service, measurable quality control, and a factual basis for our feedback and performance improvement.

With our cleaning app you have direct access to us from your Smartphone. Any area that needs special attention, any question you have, or just a status update, we will reply instantly.

No post-it reminders, follow-up, or unanswered emails, just send us a message and we will provide you with a “Done”, and answers to your questions.

Commercial cleaning system

“I am the Facilities Manager at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York and have been with my company for twenty years. I can honestly say that in my twenty years’ experience, Advantage Cleaning is by far the best cleaning company I have ever worked with.

They are a dedicated team that show up on time and when they are in the attraction, they pay attention to all the little details. They do such a great job here at our attraction that if given the choice to have the cleaning crew become an in-house internal team, I would refuse because of how good a job they do.

They are reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to their jobs and it really shows. I highly recommend Advantage Cleaning LLC to anyone who is seriously considering hiring an outside cleaning company, and I can say with experience that you will not be disappointed.”

– Madame Tussaud’s New York


Hi, I’m Omar Miller

CEO of Advantage Cleaning LLC

I am the founder of Advantage Cleaning LLC, a commercial cleaning company that helps facilities create strong cleaning systems, geared towards, identifying pain points, easing operational concerns, and adhering to that space’s every need to reach maximum value for your business.

“Omar and team have supported me through two companies I worked for. They are prompt, professional and do a thorough job each time they clean. It made perfect sense when I moved on to a bigger retail company to ask if they would work with me again.

In business its always a comfort to know a business you rely on to keep your space spotless never lets you down.

– ANNA, Vivienne Westwood