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We are experts in commercial floor cleaning services and how to clean any type of flooring. Our aim is not just cleaning but make a statement that help build your confidence in the appearance of your facilities.

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Excellence in professional floor cleaning

We have provided commercial floor cleaning services for high end attractions, museums, businesses, schools, new construction, and industrial facilities, since 2010.

Our professional floor cleaning services is designed to increase your customer satisfaction for prime attractions, museums, new construction, schools, and other commercial spaces.

Cleaning hardwood floor, maple sports floor, at school
Cleaning maple sports floor at school
Detailed floor cleaning at escalator
Detailed floors cleaning of escalator landing
Tile floor cleaning and grout cleaning post construction
Meticulous til floor cleaning post construction
Cleaning hardwood floor cleaning at major turist attraction
Hardwood floors polishing at museum
floor cleaning services - stripping and waxing vinyl floor at university
Vinyl floor stripping and waxing at university

Our Floor Cleaning Process

Experienced, professional floor cleaning services are necessary to maintain the beauty of your floors. Using the right cleaning products, supplies, and processes will make your floors sparkling clean, with a well-protected surface that you’ll be happy with. We have the cleaning system to make sure you get the same great result for all your floors every single time

Step 1: Inspect

We thoroughly inspect your floors to decide on the best cleaning method.

Step 2: Test

The best floor cleaning solution is determined by a test of a small area of flooring.

Step 3: Clean

Our expert floor cleaners will help ensure your floors make a quality statement.

Step 4: Finish

At the end we apply a floor finish to protect, extend the life, and make your floors shine.

Specialized Floor Cleaning for any hard surface floor

We do not just clean, we help ensure your floors make a statement.

Our expert floor cleaners are meticulous when cleaning any type of flooring. We have the knowledge and training to apply the right care process for each type of floor to build your confidence in the appearance of your facilities.

We provide you with a detailed custom plan for each floor type that describe the cleaning process, equipment, and agents that is used.

We deliver the systematic and consistent high-quality commercial cleaning services that brings your confidence in the appearance and safety of your facilities.

Our floor care services

High-Quality Floor Stripping & Waxing Services

With regular floor stripping and waxing we help you restore and maintain the beauty of your floors with the specialized care that each type of flooring requires.

The procedure for floor cleaning and maintenance is specific for each floor type and varies in the cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions, and protection agents used. This avoids expensive damage to the floor and provides the best floor care for revitalizing your floors, bringing out its original beauty.

commercial floor stripping and waxing of vinyl floors at university

A floor cleaning Service that stands out

Floor cleaning turist attractions
Floor care at high foot traffic retail store
floor cleaning services - stripping and waxing vinyl floor in school hallways
Vinyl floor cleaning of school hallway
Sweeping and carpet floor cleaning at major turist attraction
Carpet cleaning at turist attraction
Marble floor cleaning and detailing at office building
Detailed marble floor cleaning

Gratitude from our customers

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been a truly fantastic partner to work with on our projects. Elite Flooring has been in the commercial flooring business for over 65 years and we have found a cleaning service that we trust on all of our projects.

Once hired, you don’t have to think about the project again. They take care of scheduling and will finish the project no matter the circumstances. We have used them in schools and universities and have never had a complaint. If you need a cleaning service that is fast and efficient, Advantage Cleaning LLC is the choice you should make.

– John, Elite Flooring LLC

Let’s talk about Cleaning your Floors

Let us talk about how we can helps you get raving reviews from your customers and colleagues, with the Advantage Cleaning professional floor cleaning services.

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Omar Miller

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Omar Miller, CEO

We mesure quality

Our Cleaning Quality System is our secret

To our clients consistent high-quality cleaning services is important and impacts their business. We are selected because have the quality control system the ensures the highest level of consistent high-quality on our commercial cleaning services and floor cleaning services.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system

We are trained floor cleaning professionals

A key element in the high quality of our floor cleaning services, is how we stay current through our memberships in leading national commercial cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI.

This is our guarantee to our customers that they always get trained and certified commercial cleaning professionals that can deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and application of the right chemicals and disinfectants.

Training in floor cleaning equipment
Association for the Health Care Environment - Trainer-Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician
BSCAI Verified Member

What our customers say about us

“Advantage cleaning is all you are looking for: very professional, very efficient, amazing communication. Always perfectly cleaned when they come. Big Thank you to the CEO Omar Miller who is always trying to help and make sure everything is perfect. Much recommended to any business looking for a cleaning company

Jonathan, Laduree Restaurant

Areas we serve C A

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
Areas We Serve
Areas we serve - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut - Advantage Cleaning

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