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NYC’s Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been providing commercial floor cleaning services in New York City since 2010. “We Take Pride In Your Appearance”

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Experts in Commercial Floor Cleaning

Advantage Cleaning has provided commercial floor cleaning services for high end retail stores, restaurants, branded attractions, offices, schools and sports facilities, since 2010.

Our floor cleaners increase customer satisfaction for some of New York’s prime facilities.

  • Museums
  • Attractions
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

Our New York floor cleaners are experts in doing a fantastic job in making your floors clean and looking like new floors for all major flooring types and situations; knowing exactly what cleaning process is suitable for each type of floor. We clean hardwood floors, vinyl floors, in high traffic areas showing their natural beauty.

We provide you with a detailed deep cleaning plan for each floor type that describes the cleaning process, cleaning equipment that will be used and the cleaning/protection agents.

We deliver the systematic and consistant deep clean that brings higher customer satisfaction.

Commercial kitchen floor cleaning
Kitchen damp mop cleaning in New York NY
Restaurant floor cleaning
Fantastic job cleaning restaurant floor in New York NY
Floor cleaning in office building NYC
NYC steam cleaning office building
Office floor cleaning - carpet cleaning
Amazing job doing office carpet cleaning

Call us for an on-site walk-through and free quote that includes a detailed commercial floor cleaning plan and time frame.

Floor Cleaning Process

Experienced, professional floor cleaning is necessary to maintain the beauty of your floors. Using the right cleaning products, cleaning supplies and cleaning processes will make old floors sparkling clean, with a well protected floor surface that you’ll be happy with.

We have the floor cleaning system to make sure you get the same great result for all your floors every single time. We give competitively priced free estimates.

Step 1: Inspect

We’ll thoroughly inspect your floor to identify any pre-existing conditions and determine the best cleaning method. And give a free estimate.

Step 2: Test

We’ll test a small area of your flooring to determine which products will work best.

Step 3: Clean

Using special floor cleaning products and equipment; we’ll deep clean your floors to remove loose dirt, dust, grime, stains and more.

Step 4: Finish

We’ll apply an appropriate floor finish to protect, extend the life, and make your floors shine bright. We do amazing job cleaning wood flooring.

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We help you restore and maintain the beauty of your floors with the specialized care each type of flooring requires.

The procedure for floor cleaning and maintenance is specific for each floor type and varies in the cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions and protection agents used. This avoids expensive damage to the floor and provides the best floor care for revitalizing your floors, bringing out its original beauty.

VTC (Vinyl Tile Composite)

VTC (Vinyl Composite Tile) Floor Cleaning
(Strip and Wax)

Rubber Floors

Rubber Floor Cleaning

Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning

Ceramic Tiles Floors

Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning

Marble Floors

Marble Floor Cleaning

Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Cleaning

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Different floor types require different types of floor cleaning and care and the system for cleaning the floors in a restroom is very different from that used on a tile floor in the reception area.

We mesure quality

Consistent High Quality Floor Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning system ensures we follow your customized cleaning plan, step-by-step and the same cleaning plan is used for quality inspection.

Our Process Improvement Plan for consistent high quality floor cleaning

Our Professional Cleaning Training & Certifications

A key element in the high quality of our floor cleaning service, is how we stay current through our memberships in leading national commercial cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI.

This is our guarantee to our customers that they always get trained and certified commercial cleaning professionals that can deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and application of the right cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.

What Our Customers About Us

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  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Conneticut
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