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Factors That Affect Commercial Cleaning Quality & Solutions

Commercial cleaning is a field where consistency, efficiency, and quality directly impact not only the aesthetic appeal of a facility but also its operational productivity and safety. As the owner of Advantage Cleaning, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles that facility managers face, but more importantly, at Advantage Cleaning we know what it takes to address them.

What Are The Major Factors That Affect Consistant Cleaning Quality?

In this article we touch upon the many factors that affect consistency in quality and efficiency of commercial cleaning, how this impacts you as facility manager, your business, cost, and provide our view of the solution.

1. Poor and Inconsistent Cleaning Quality

You step into your facility, and something feels off. The walls, which should be gleaming, reveal a handprint just out of reach. You move a piece of furniture slightly and discover a layer of dust hidden behind it. It’s these small oversights that gnaw at you, diminishing the overall ambience and professionalism of the space.

Cause: Often, these inconsistencies are the result of a rushed job, lack of comprehensive training, or the absence of an exhaustive cleaning checklist tailored for each facility, which leaves the cleaners no other choice than to follow their own standards and experience.

2. Safety & Slip-and-fall Incidents

As you walk across the freshly cleaned floors, you feel a slight stickiness beneath your shoes. On your way to the restroom, a shiny patch on the tiles catches your eye—a slip hazard waiting to happen. That polished look shouldn’t come at the cost of safety.

Cause: Improper or excessive use of cleaning agents, applying the correct floor cleaning process, or failing to buff floors adequately can lead to such hazards. Without proper continuous training, on-site supervisor AND cleaning task guidelines at hand, these things are unavoidable.

3. Health and Continued Operation

The office appears spotless, but there’s a heavy scent of cleaning chemicals in the air, tinged with a faint bathroom odor that wasn’t entirely eradicated. One glance upwards and you spot dusty ceiling vents, a potential breeding ground for allergens.

Cause: Over-reliance on strong cleaning chemicals or overlooking less-obvious areas, such as ceiling vents can compromise air quality and overall hygiene. High-cleaning and dusting that may require ladders or stairs, and implies OSHA safety standards, may be left for “later” but then forgotten because time ran out.

4. Inadequate Cleaning Leads to Potential Health Hazards

At your workstation, the computer screen bears smudges from the previous day, and the keyboard still has those pesky crumbs lodged between keys. The lamps? They have a fine layer of dust, visible under the glow. It’s disheartening to see these details overlooked, especially in an era when cleanliness is synonymous with health.

Cause: Inadequate attention to personal workspaces or missing out on the smaller details can give germs and dirt a haven. If there is no strict list of cleaning tasks to be completed at each cleaning job, then when is cleaning done, what is missing? Quality inspection and a strict set of assigned cleaning tasks with specific cleaning standards, is necessary to ensure consistant expected results.

5. Inefficient Allocation of Time, Personnel, and Budget

While most of the facility seems in order, you notice the same cleaner repeatedly scrubbing a particular spot on the wall, seemingly unsure of how to tackle a stubborn mark. It’s clear there’s either too much time spent in areas that don’t require it or not enough where it’s needed.

Cause: Such inefficiencies stem from a lack of proper training or understanding of the job requirements, resulting in wasted time and resources. Some things can be cleaned and others require maintenance. Do you have a cleaning partner that also provides building maintenance services?

Relentless Commitment to Process & Measuring Results

Our Cleaning Process Improvement Plan - Advantage Cleaning

Cleaning Process

At Advantage Cleaning, we believe that the success of any system lies in its ability to provide a consistent output. And for us, that means consistently improve our high-quality cleaning.

Our dedication to our quality cleaning system (PIP) ensures systematic delivery of impeccable consistant cleaning results. This PIP is our version of the Continual Improvement Process, influenced by the pioneering thoughts of William Edwards Deming.

Our Commercial Cleaning Technology - Advantage Cleaning

Cleaning System & Technology

Equipped with the Advantage Cleaning app, our cleaning technicians have instant access to their cleaning tasks, cleaning description, quality performance, and if performance improvement is marked. They can capture real-time images, promoting transparency and communication with on-site supervisor, and our client.

Cleaning Quality System - Advantage Cleaning

Quality Control

Our unique approach to Quality Control involves four distinct inspections that serve as pillars for maintaining consistent quality. We utilize a quality score (ranging from 1 to 5) for every cleaning task. This score not only maintains accountability but also helps us in continuously refining our processes.

Our Five-Step Process for Consistent Quality


Cleaning assignments are delegated to team members using task assignment software that includes quality score and tasks for improvement.


On a weekly review meetings, performance feedback, and areas for improvement. Individual feedback and tasks to be improved.


At the end of each month, our Building Service Coordinator will perform a detailed KPI Report, down to the windows and bathrooms.


  • Client concern inspections
  • Urgent inspection
  • New employee inspections
  • Fill-in inspections
  • Weekly and monthly KPI inspections


App for (1) real-time communication between clients and cleaning team, (2) communication of quality inspection results and any necessary follow-up actions.

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Perhaps you can use our mode of operation for consistant quality cleaning to help improve on the customer and employee experience of your facilities. If you are looking to level up your internal cleaning operation, how to evaluate your next commercial cleaning company, just reach out.