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Industrial Cleaning Services – Exceptional Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning

Your single source facility solution for manufacturing, industrial and warehouse facilities. We provide the warehouse and industrial cleaning services and maintenance that your facilities relies on for continued operational efficiency and safety.

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Exceptional industrial & warehouse cleaning services

“We Take Pride In Your Appearance”

We provide specialized teams of industrial cleaning technicians and supervisors trained in our system, process, and quality control for manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse facilities. Because we are relentless about measuring quality and following our cleaning system, we can provide the best and most consistant high quality service to our industrial customers.

To our customers this means confidence in the appearance and safety of their facilities and trust that all cleaning and maintenance is closely monitored and issues are handled by Advantage Cleaning.

We Serve Any Type of Industrial Facility

We provide our industrial customers specialized professional industrial cleaning services for a wide selection of industrial facilities such as:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Facilities
  • Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing
Employee cleaning a warehouse in NYC
Commercial Cleaning service for production facilities in NYC New York
Manufacturing Facilities
Cleaning service of 3PL and logistics facilities in New York
Logistics & Distribution
Commercial Cleaning service of warehouse facilities in New York
Warehouse Facilities

The Best in Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning

A Service specific to your facility

Logistics, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor facilities are vastly different in many ways including required cleaning and safety standards. Your specific goals and challenges will be reflected in the cleaning and maintenance plan integrated in our system, so that we can monitor both goals and quality.

Specialized systems and teams

Our specialized cleaning services and quality control systems and teams are the backbone of our service, and our ability to deliver excellence in consistent high quality. Our team uses digital devices for real-time communication between clients and the cleaning team, allowing for immediate response to any concerns.

Measurable quality

Quality is not just a promise at Advantage Cleaning, it’s measurable. We conduct weekly Performance Improvement Plans for each employee, followed by a Monthly inspection and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to manage reports and understand each space in your facility.

Advantage Cleaning Team commercial cleaning service in New York
Specialized, happy, motivated, and disciplined industrial cleaners

We Take Pride In Our Client’s Reviews

First of all. We will never use our building cleaning services or any other service to do our office space cleaning again. We are in the Wall Street area in the heart of the financial district with strict building regulations.
They “Knocked it Out of the Park”!!! .
They came in with such class, a large respectful cleaning team that knew what they were doing and got right down to business. They came in with their advanced equipment and layer after layer they began sanitizing crevices ten other cleaning crews combined never cleaned. I feel we underpaid, but that’s the type of job they did. They are now our company’s official cleaning outfit.
If your company is searching for a new cleaning outfit. Look no further. You will find yourself writing the next review right after me. Well done Advantage Cleaning. Very impressive. Thank you.

Daniel Otoya – Wall Street Office, New York City NY

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our industrial cleaning services include general workplace cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfecting, commercial floor cleaning, exterior grounds cleaning, and building maintenance services. Our employees are professional cleaners, all trained in how to deliver consistent and high-quality disinfection and cleaning for manufacturing and industrial spaces.

Warehouse Facility

Loading Docks

Floor Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning


Exterior Ground Maintenance

Production Facility

Office Spaces

Break Rooms

Window Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services and quality control system

We mesure quality

We Deliver The Cleaning Quality Your Business Relies On

A cleaning system like no other you have experienced … we train, inspect, measure, improve, and report to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure we meet our common goal and high quality standards.

Our Teams are specialized & certified

A vital element in the consistent high quality service we deliver is our ongoing internal training in our processes and systems, performance reviews, external training and certifications.

We are relentless about our cleaning systems, training, and continuous improvement to deliver the highest quality and be the best in our industry.

We stay current on safety regulations to ensure your facilities stay compliant, through our cleaning industry memberships in leading national commercial cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI.

Advantage Cleaning industrial cleaning team