Property Management Cleaning Services

Property Management Cleaning Services

Specialized professional property cleaning services that deliver consistent high-quality cleaning for property management companies.

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High-Quality cleaning service for rental properties

Comprehensive high-quality cleaning services are a vital part of managing any type of property to ensure satisfied tenants and high occupancy rate. The cleanliness of the property reflects the image of the entire real estate asset and eventually rental revenue.

Advantage Cleaning LLC provides your property management business with high-end quality and consistent cleaning services

The cleaning services you need for your entire property from a reliable property management cleaning company that shows up on time, with a rigorously trained and motivated team of professional cleaners.

“We take pride in your appearance”, and we consistently deliver a strong improvement for our property manager’s tenant reviews and ratings.

Quality and Consistency is what we are known for, and We have the testimonials to prove it.

Our high-end property management janitorial services will help you eliminate any complaints and increase your rapport with both the tenant and the property manager.

Professional cleaners at property management facility in NYC

Property Cleaning Services

Advantage Cleaning offers property management cleaning solutions, porter and floor cleaning services for apartment buildings, rental properties, and office buildings for property managers in New York and Tri-State areas.

Apartment Buildings

Professional cleaning, sanitizing, facility maintenance, and porter services for apartment buildings and rental properties.

Multi-Tenant Facilities

Comprehensive cleaning services, sanitizing, building maintenance, and porter services for office buildings.

Shopping Center

Facility maintenance, professional cleaning, and cleaning services for facility managers.

Property Management

Building maintenance and professional cleaning, and porter services for property managers.

Facility maintenance - repainting walls
Facility maintenance at office building in New York

A motivated & Professional cleaning team

We provide the trained and motivated team that will make the difference when it comes to having a clean and highly presentable property.

Property management companies rely on their cleaning company to clean their entire property, property clean deliver consistent, high quality results to free up time to manage the overall operation of your property. Likewise, a potential tenant or new tenant will expect to see your property clean.

We provide the comprehensive cleaning services that score high on customer satisfaction, attract potential tenants and make commercial property managers look good.

What you should look for in a property maintenance cleaning Company

A Trained & Reliable Professional Cleaning Service

Most property management companies want a high-end and reliable cleaning company that operates by a digital cleaning plan that can be updated and carried out instantly. We fulfill those needs for every company from post-construction cleaning, office cleaning, and residential properties.

This means the team is managed and instructed with the latest updates to the cleaning requirements. This is key for property managers, as move-in and move-out plans can change on a daily basis.

Friendly & Professional Property Cleaners

We represent you when we clean your property, and we are acutely aware of that. Our appearance is clear and presentable.

We wear branded uniforms so we are identifiable, and we act courteously and professionally towards tenants and visitors, to enhance the friendly experience they are accustomed to on your property.

Continuous Improvement Cleaning Service

We measure tenant reviews and ratings in our performance reviews with you. It is how we continuously update your custom cleaning plan to achieve the goal for reviews and ratings.

Few other property cleaning companies can execute at the level of quality, consistency needed to attract new tenants. It is what we are known for.

Easy & Instant Communication

Your plans change as walk-ins and move-ins may be rescheduled, and the property needs to be ready.

Property managers are responsible for keeping the building and facilities in top condition, and the cleanliness needs to reflect that.

Our Property Management Cleaning Services

Office Buildings and Suites

Whether they are management offices, maintenance offices, or office rental units, all office areas should be properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. A clean and sanitary workspace is essential to both worker health and productivity. We have the tools and experience to ensure a clean and healthy office space.

Restroom Cleaning and Consumables

Wipe down and sanitize all restroom walls, partitions, mirrors, dispensers, sinks, and showers. Toilets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, as well as tile floors and grouts. Dispensers are refilled, and all consumables, such as soap and paper towels, are provided by us. Simple and easy.

Special Event

When a special event is hosted on your property, it is important to plan for the aftermath. We help you clean up and bring the common areas back to their original condition.

Common Areas and Grounds

Common areas are visible to everyone and a major concern for your property manager. We help you stay on top of the appearance of common areas to ensure that the common areas, gym, and courtyard remain presentable and kept at the usual high standard. Everything from clean windows to ceiling fans, both you and your tenants experience perfection.

Moving furniture iconMove-In | Move Out Cleanings

When new tenants move in or out of your property, we start cleaning the offices and apartments, disinfecting and preparing for the new tenant. We help you get vacated offices and apartments up to consistent high standards so you can fill vacant properties fast!

Post Construction Cleaning

Your property and apartments will have regular construction projects and we will be ready with a trained construction cleaning team to clean, disinfect, and bring the back to the needed high standard, ready for the new occupants to arrive.

Let’s talk about Cleaning your facilities

Call us today for a free on-site walk-through and cleaning services estimate that includes a custom cleaning plan and time frame for your property management company.

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High Quality cleaning & Quality Control

We provide the cleaning system that property managers need to achieve consistent high-quality cleaning and satisfied tenants.

The property management cleaning system that delivers the customer satisfaction you want

Our cleaning schedule system ensures we follow your customized cleaning plan and ensure every detail from cleaning door frames, carpet cleaning, to detailed floor cleaning in the restrooms by the reception is covered.

The quality inspector controls the cleaning quality against your custom cleaning plan.

Easy and fast digital communication via our cleaning system ensures that you as the property owner have direct access to us at all times.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system
We train, inspect, measure, improve, and report at each client facility.

Our Professional Training & Cleaning Certifications

A key element in the high quality of our cleaning service, is how we stay current through our memberships in leading national cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI.

This is our guarantee to our customers that they always get highly trained and certified cleaning professionals who can deliver the highest quality cleaning services.

BSCAI Verified Member

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  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
Areas we serve - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut - Advantage Cleaning
What Our Customers Say About Us

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been a truly fantastic partner to work with on our projects. Elite Flooring has been in the commercial flooring business for over 65 years and we have found a cleaning service that we trust on all of our projects.

Once hired, you don’t have to think about the project again. They take care of scheduling and will finish the project no matter the circumstances. We have used them in schools and universities and have never had a complaint. If you need a cleaning service that is fast and efficient, Advantage Cleaning LLC is the choice you should make.

– John, Elite Flooring LLC