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Professional School Cleaning Services for K-12 & Educational Facilities

Advantage Cleaning provides professional cleaning services for schools, K-12, private schools, universities, and educational facilities. “We take pride in your appearance, health, and safety.”

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High-Quality School Cleaning Services

We Take Pride In Your Appearance, Health & Safety

Advantage Cleaning has provided professional commercial cleaning services and a healthy learning environment at the highest quality for all types of schools and educational facilities since 2010. We serve schools with multiple locations across states.

  • K-12 schools
  • Private schools
  • Public schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Universities, and colleges
  • Education facilities

Our education facilities are the cornerstone of our community and therefore needs the best, most consistent high-quality cleaning service available, and Advantage Cleaning is proud to provide the best… and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Our professional school cleaning teams during weekly performance and quality review

We have gone through countless cleaning service providers in search for the right-fit; Advantage Cleaning has not let us down, they communicate very efficiently and effectively, with great emphasis on quality control and the overall health and safety of everyone in the facility.

As a school with high priority of health and safety, we are delighted with the systems that they have engineered throughout the pandemic and post-date.

Denise – Executive Director, Nuestros Ninos School, New York

A Custom School Cleaning Plan Just For You

We are proud to be among the best commercial cleaning companies. But we did not get there by chance but by creating a cleaning system that is relentless about cleaning process, measuring quality, quality control, and weekly performance review and continuous improvement.

Your custom commercial cleaning plan is guarded by our cleaning system to ensure the highest quality cleaning that will protect students’ and teachers’ health and safety, as well as the general health of our entire community.

Floor cleaning school hallways
Floor cleaning school hallways (3)
floor cleaning school science lab
Floor cleaning school classroom

Consistent High-Quality School Cleaning

Consistency requires a cleaning process, training, equipment, and a system that serves as the checklist, and quality inspection. Advantage Cleaning is one of a very few commercial cleaning companies that have designed a cleaning service that does just that.

Our school cleaning service provides the clean learning environment, cost efficient, effective, high quality cleaning and disinfecting services that schools need.

Cleaning maple sports floor at school
Cleaning maple sports floor at school

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Our School Janitorial Services

As a professional school cleaning company we provide you with a custom school cleaning plan that covers all school facilities.

Quality Control & Easy Communication

Your custom cleaning service for schools is made available to both our professional cleaners, supervisor and quality inspector, via our cleaning app. This helps ensure that everyone is working on your cleaning plan and enforcing a consistent high-quality school janitorial services.

Our commercial cleaning system is what we use to manage your cleaning requirements, our cleaning professionals, track supplies, and quality inspection. So, everything gets routinely cleaned.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system

Our Cleaning Certifications

As the leading school cleaning company, we know which are the key elements in high-quality cleaning services. We aim to minimize student sick days and teacher sick days.

How We Stay Ahead Of Other School Cleaning Companies Through Quality Training In Cleaning & Disinfecting.

We stay current through our memberships in leading national commercial cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI and committed to CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting educational facilities. We ensure that you always get trained and certified commercial cleaning and disinfecting professionals who can deliver the highest quality school cleaning service, safety, and application of the right cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.

School cleaning team on site cleaning sports floor at university
Our specialized and professional school cleaning crew
BSCAI Verified Member
Environment, Social & Governance Commitments - Advantage Cleaning

Our Commitment To ESG

Our Commitment To Our Environment & Community

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