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Integrated Building Maintenance Services

Advantage Cleaning specializes in integrated building maintenance and commercial cleaning services, a comprehensive solution that keeps your facility in top shape.

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Your Provider of Integrated Building Maintenance & Commercial Janitorial Services

Your Provider Of Integrated Building Maintenance & Commercial Janitorial Services Are you looking for a single-source facility solution that ensures your building’s cleanliness, maintenance, reliability, and compliance needs are met with excellence?

We pride in offering a holistic approach to building maintenance. As a maintenance provider, we provide you with a custom maintenance plan for your assets, ensuring that maintenance guidelines are followed meticulously and compliance is maintained.

As your building maintenance provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility will always be in the best possible condition.

Plumber maintaining sink and faucet in restroom

Benefits of Quality Building Maintenance

ONE solution, ONE provider for consistent high quality building maintenance and janitorial services.

By choosing Advantage Cleaning LLC for integrated building maintenance and commercial cleaning services, you can delegate the bulk of time and resources spent on managing your facilities.

Custom maintenance

With your maintenance requirements for each asset, we create a custom maintenance plan that details preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure you follow regulation and safety standards.

Maintenance and performance reporting

We track and report on all building maintenance and janitorial service tasks, and each task undergoes quality control, and we provide you with the necessary reporting.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our comprehensive approach means fewer vendors to manage, reducing administrative overhead and streamlining your facility management processes.

High Maintenance Quality & Confidence

We have the system and expertise to help maintain your facility to the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring a clean, safe, and functional environment.

Consistent Maintenance Across Facilities

Whether you have multiple facilities or a single location, our integrated approach ensures consistent maintenance practices across all sites.

Safe and Compliant Buildings

Compliance with regulations and safety standards is paramount in general cleaning and facility management. We ensure your building is safe and compliant to minimizing risks and liabilities.

We mesure quality

We Deliver The Building Maintenance Quality Your Business Relies On

We take quality seriously and have a systematic approach to measuring, reporting, and continuously improving on our key performance indicators.

Our quality inspectors assess and evaluate every cleaning job and maintenance task. With our integrated use of technology, the data is used for client reporting, feedback to our cleaning and maintenance technicians, for continuous improvement.

Our commercial cleaning quality control system

Advantage Cleaning LLC has been a truly fantastic partner to work with on our projects. Elite Flooring has been in the commercial flooring business for over 65 years and we have found a cleaning service that we trust on all of our projects.

Once hired, you don’t have to think about the project again. They take care of scheduling and will finish the project no matter the circumstances. We have used them in schools and universities and have never had a complaint. If you need a cleaning service that is fast and efficient, Advantage Cleaning LLC is the choice you should make.

– John, Elite Flooring LLC

Our Maintenance Services

Our building services provide a consistent high quality cleaning service derived from years of experience. We are cleaning experts and use only professional equipment when deep cleaning a difficult job.

Interior Maintenance

  • Floor cleaning
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Floor cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Furniture
  • Upholstery

Exterior Maintenance

  • Cement & Concrete
  • Fencing
  • Snow Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Debris Removal
  • Window Washing
  • Tuck Pointing
  • Asphalt Repairs
  • Sealcoating

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Our Commercial Janitorial Services

Advantage Cleaning provides a range of consistent high-quality commercial cleaning services tailored to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our clients.

General cleaning

Regular and general janitorial services including deep cleaning tasks to fulfill the commercial cleaning requirements for every type of facility

Disinfection & sanitizing

Utilizing electrostatic sprayer machines and disinfectants, the team carries out a rigorous sanitizing process to ensure spaces are safe and healthy, with all team members trained and certified for this task

Floor cleaning

This encompasses comprehensive cleaning for carpet, tile, and hardwood floors, including specialized treatments like stripping and waxing for hard surfaces, with techniques adjusted based on the floor type.

Exterior cleaning

Includes window cleaning, where safety standards are strictly adhered to while cleaning all window sizes, and power washing, where certified professionals use pressure washing equipment and chemicals to preserve and clean building facades effectively

Our professional building maintenance and commercial cleaning team
BSCAI Verified Member
Association for the Health Care Environment - Trainer-Certified Surgical Cleaning Technician

Our Team of Professional Maintenance Technicians

At Advantage Cleaning LLC, our success is built on the expertise of our professional team. We have three key roles that contribute to our exceptional service:


Supervisors function as project managers and your single point of contact. Their responsibility is to oversee all cleaning and maintenance activities to ensure that your maintenance quality and compliance consistently live up to OSHA, BSCAI, and CDC standards.

Maintenance Technicians

The team of skilled maintenance technicians has the engineering expertise to handle a wide range of maintenance tasks. They keep your facility in excellent working condition, addressing issues proactively.

Cleaning Technicians

Our dedicated cleaning technicians and employees are trained to deliver thorough and efficient cleaning services. They pay attention to detail, ensuring that every surface is spotless.

Got a question about maintenance services ?

You probably have a few general or specific questions about our maintenance services, and we will be very happy to get you the answers to need.

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Omar Miller - Advantage Cleaning New York
Environment, Social & Governance Commitments - Advantage Cleaning

Our Commitment To sustainability

We are Committed To Our Environment & Community

Our ESG framework guides our operation and ensures that we promote sustainability, ethical conduct, and responsible corporate governance.

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  • Connecticut
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