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Types of commercial cleaning - The complete list

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the various types of commercial cleaning services available, detailing how each caters to the specific demands of different environments.

Understanding the nuances of these commercial cleaning services is essential for facility managers and business owners who aim to create safe, sanitary, and inviting spaces for employees, customers, and guests alike.

Whether you’re looking to hire commercial cleaning company or simply want to know more about the available cleaning services, this list will help you navigate the complex world of commercial cleaning services offered by cleaning businesses.

The two different terms “commercial cleaning services”, “janitorial services”, and “residential cleaning services” are used interchangeably. The most clear distinction is that “residential cleaning” relates to the cleaning services offered to private; house cleaning services and apartment cleaning services, where as “commercial cleaning services” and “janitorial services” both relates to professional cleaning companies offering professional cleaning services to commercial facilities and businesses.

For the purpose of distinction in this article we use “janitorial services” to describe the cleaning tasks offered in commercial cleaning, and “commercial cleaning services” to describe the type of commercial property that commercial cleaning is tailored to.

Types of janitorial services

Janitorial services are specialized types of commercial cleaning services that are typically performed on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing maintenance of building cleanliness. These services are broader than general cleaning and include daily cleaning tasks such as trash collection, floor care, restroom sanitation, and the cleaning of windows and surfaces in high traffic areas. Janitorial services may also cover more specific needs such as stocking restroom supplies and performing minor maintenance tasks.

General cleaning

General cleaning, or common cleaning services, in commercial settings encompasses the routine tasks necessary to maintain a clean and tidy environment. This includes cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, and wiping surfaces in common areas like offices, hallways, and meeting rooms. It also involves emptying trash receptacles, cleaning restrooms, and tidying kitchen or break room areas. General cleaning will vary depending on the type of facility and level of foot traffic.

The purpose: The general cleaning service is essential for creating a pleasant and professional atmosphere for both employees and visitors.

Deep cleaning

Commercial deep cleaning services is a thorough professional cleaning service that targets all areas of a facility, reaching beyond the scope of daily maintenance routines. This intensive cleaning involves detailed attention to hard-to-reach areas, sanitizing of all surfaces, and specialized floor cleaning and treatments of upholstery. It is often scheduled periodically to address the buildup of grime and bacteria that the regular cleaning service might miss, ensuring a pristine and hygienic environment for both employees and visitors.

Window cleaning

Commercial window cleaning services involves the washing of glass surfaces on the exterior and interior of buildings. This can include high-rise office buildings, retail storefronts, and various commercial properties. Professional window cleaners use specialized tools and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and streaks, enhancing natural light entry and maintaining clear views. Safety protocols are rigorously followed, especially in the cleaning of high-rise buildings, to ensure the safety of cleaners and the public.

Floor cleaning and floor care

Floor cleaning and care in commercial environments involves a variety of tasks tailored to the type of flooring material, such as carpet, tile, hardwood, or vinyl floor. Commercial floor cleaning services include sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, along with more specialized procedures like
commercial floor waxing service, buffing, and deep cleaning to remove stains and restore shine.

Grout cleaning is specific for tile floors and involve cleaning the grout between tiles to ensure a sanitized restroom, and application of a sealer.

Carpet cleaning is a specialized commercial cleaning service that follows specialized cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, and process to clean deep, remove odours and avoid bleaching and excessive wear of the carpet. Further more, carpet cleaners follow a distinct process specialized to the carpet material; nylon, acrylic, polyester or wool.

Sweeping and carpet cleaning at major turist attraction

Regular floor cleaning not only improves the appearance of the floors but also extends their lifespan and prevents wear and tear, essential for high-traffic areas and important for the appearance of the facility.

For more details please continue reading floor stripping and waxing process or avoiding mistakes when stripping and waxing floors.

Restroom cleaning

Commercial restroom cleaning focuses on maintaining high standards of hygiene and sanitation. This service involves deep cleaning and disinfecting of toilets, urinals, sinks, and countertops, as well as restocking consumables like toilet paper, hand towels, and soap. Floors and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate germs and odors.

Restroom cleaning

Regular and meticulous bathroom cleaning is crucial for preventing the spread of bacteria and ensuring a clean, odor-free environment for users.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning in commercial settings, such as restaurants, cafeterias, and office break rooms, requires meticulous attention to detail to meet health and safety standards. This includes degreasing cooking appliances, washing dishes, cleaning sinks, wiping down surfaces, and sanitizing preparation areas. Floors must be cleaned of food debris and other residues to prevent slips and falls.

Regular deep cleaning of ovens, grills, and refrigerators is also essential to prevent food contamination and maintain operational efficiency.

Escalator and Elevator cleaning

Escalator and elevator cleaning focuses on maintaining these vital transportation areas within commercial buildings, ensuring they are safe and presentable. This involves the detailed cleaning of escalator steps, risers, and landings using specialized equipment to remove dirt and debris. Elevator cleaning includes wiping down interior walls, polishing metal surfaces, cleaning button panels, and vacuum cleaning floors.

Detailed floor cleaning at escalator

Frequent cleaning is essential for functionality and aesthetics, as well as for minimizing wear and tear on moving parts.

Stairwell cleaning

Stairwell cleaning in commercial buildings is crucial for safety and cleanliness. This service includes sweeping and mopping the stairs and landings, cleaning handrails, and removing any cobwebs or debris from corners. Stairwells often accumulate more dirt due to heavy foot traffic, making regular cleaning important to prevent slip hazards and maintain a neat appearance. Effective stairwell cleaning also involves addressing any graffiti or scuffs on the walls to ensure a professional look throughout the building.

Detailed stair cleaning

Emptying Trash

Emptying trash is a fundamental task in commercial cleaning that involves the regular waste removal and recyclables from bins throughout a facility. This service helps to maintain a hygienic environment, reduces odors, and prevents the accumulation of garbage, which can attract pests. Properly segregating and disposing of waste and recyclables also supports environmental sustainability efforts within commercial spaces.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in commercial environments involves the cleaning of fabric-covered furniture such as chairs, sofas, and panels. This service uses special cleaning solutions and techniques to remove stains, allergens, and dust, restoring the appearance and extending the life of the upholstery.

Regular professional cleaning is essential to maintain fabric hygiene, prevent the buildup of dirt, and keep the furnishings looking fresh and welcoming.

Door and wall cleaning

Door and wall cleaning in commercial settings targets smudges, fingerprints, and marks that accumulate through daily traffic. This service involves washing doors, wiping down door handles, and cleaning walls to remove dirt, dust, and occasional stains.

Wall cleaning

Frequent cleaning of these surfaces not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contributes to the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the property.

High dusting and low dusting

High dusting and low dusting are critical to maintaining air quality and cleanliness in commercial environments. High dusting targets areas above normal reach, such as ceilings, high shelves, and light fixtures, where dust and debris tend to accumulate. Low dusting involves cleaning accessible areas like baseboards, furniture surfaces, and lower shelves. Together, these dusting services ensure that all areas, both high and low, are free from dust accumulations, supporting a healthier and cleaner atmosphere.

High dusting at museum on Manhattan in New York

Light fixture cleaning

Light fixture cleaning in commercial settings involves the careful cleaning of chandeliers, overhead lights, and wall fixtures to remove dust, insects, and grime. This service not only improves the quality and efficiency of lighting but also enhances the overall appearance of the space.

Cleaning light bulbs and light fixtures

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain optimal light output and to ensure that fixtures contribute positively to the ambiance and functionality of commercial environments.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method used on exterior surfaces of commercial buildings, including sidewalks, parking lots, facades, and entryways. This technique uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, mold, and other residues.

Pressure washing concrete side-walk

Pressure washing is effective for maintaining the exterior cleanliness of a building, which helps to make a positive first impression on visitors and can also prevent the long-term deterioration of building materials.

Sanitizing and disinfection

Sanitizing and disinfection services are vital cleaning services that aim to reduce and eliminate microbial organisms on surfaces, particularly in areas prone to bacteria and viruses. Disinfection and sanitizing lowers the number of bacteria to safe levels as judged by public health standards, whereas disinfection is a more intensive process that kills a broader spectrum of microorganisms.

commercial disinfection services

Regular sanitizing and disinfection are essential in high-traffic commercial environments like offices, schools, and healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of illness and maintain a healthy environment.

Disaster cleaning

Disaster cleaning services provide crucial support in the aftermath of natural or man-made catastrophes such as floods, fires, hurricanes, or hazardous spills. These highly commercial cleaning services are designed to handle the extensive cleanup required to restore affected areas to safe, usable conditions. Disaster cleaning involves water extraction, soot and smoke removal, decontamination, and the disposal of damaged materials. Trained professional cleaners employ advanced cleaning solution and equipment to mitigate further damage, prevent mold growth, and ensure that buildings are thoroughly sanitized and rehabilitated for occupancy. These services are pivotal in helping businesses and communities recover by quickly addressing the challenges posed by unexpected disasters.

Green cleaning

Green cleaning services within a commercial cleaning setting refers to the use of environmentally friendly methods and products that are less harmful to human health and the planet. Green cleaning his approach includes biodegradable cleaners, reduced chemical usage, and efficient equipment that conserves resources like water and energy.

Green cleaning service practices not only promote a healthier workplace but also contribute to a company’s sustainability goals by minimizing ecological footprints.

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Types of commercial cleaning services

As mentioned earlier the “types of commercial cleaning services” we have used to refer to the type of specialized services offered to different types of commercial property and businesses. Specialized cleaning services are important as the cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, tasks, and safety training that cleaning companies offer are specific to the type of commercial property.

Construction cleaning

Commercial construction cleaning services are essential during and after the building or renovation phases of a commercial project. This type of cleaning service includes removing debris, dust, and leftover materials to prepare a new or refurbished building for occupancy. Initial cleaning services might involve heavy debris removal, while post-construction cleaning services focuses on finer details like dusting air vents, polishing surfaces, and cleaning floors extensively to ensure the space is spotless and ready for use.

Construction cleaner cleaning construction dust from floors

Day porter

A day porter provides ongoing cleaning services and maintenance services during business hours, ensuring that commercial spaces remain clean, organized, and functional throughout the day.

Commercial cleaning responsibilities of a day porter include responding to spills, maintaining restroom cleanliness, managing trash and recycling, and performing touch-up cleaning on high-traffic areas.

This role is crucial in busy environments like shopping centers and large office spaces, where cleanliness and order are continuously upheld.

School cleaning

School cleaning services are tailored to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers, and staff. This includes daily cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting classrooms, cafeterias, and restrooms. Cleaning services for schools have special attention on high-touch areas like door handles, light switches, and desks to prevent the spread of germs.

Floor cleaning school hallways

Periodic deep cleaning and sanitizing are also conducted to tackle less frequent cleaning tasks such as window washing and carpet cleaning, ensuring a thoroughly clean educational setting.

Church cleaning

Church cleaning services cater to the unique needs of religious facilities, ensuring they are welcoming and clean for congregants and visitors. This type of cleaning services covers all areas of the church, from pews and altars to restrooms and fellowship halls. Special care is given to preserve sacred items and delicate surfaces.

Frequent cleaning and periodic deep clean are important to maintain the sanctity and cleanliness of these community spaces.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning services involves comprehensive cleaning practices in heavy-duty environments such as factories, warehouses, and power plants. This cleaning service includes the removal of industrial waste and debris, cleaning of heavy machinery, degreasing floors, and sanitizing worker facilities.

Due to the nature of industrial sites, specialized industrial cleaning techniques and safety protocols are strictly adhered to, ensuring a safe and operational workplace.

Manufacturing cleaning

Manufacturing cleaning services focuses on maintaining hygiene and order in manufacturing facilities, where cleanliness can impact product quality and worker safety. Manufacturing cleaning services include the cleaning of production floors, assembly lines, and storage areas.

Manufacturing and industrial cleaning services - industrial cleaners at manufacturing plant

Cleaning tasks are often customized to the specific needs of the manufacturing facility and might involve the use of industrial-grade cleaning supplies and equipment to handle grease, dust, and chemical residues.

Gym cleaning

Gym cleaning services ensures that fitness centers remain hygienic and appealing for members. This service emphasizes the sanitation of workout equipment, locker rooms, and common areas. High-touch surfaces like weights, machines, and mats require frequent disinfection to prevent the spread of germs.

Maintaining a clean environment in gyms is crucial for member satisfaction and health, particularly in areas where sweat and moisture are prevalent.

Childcare cleaning

Childcare cleaning services prioritize the health and safety of young children by maintaining exceptionally clean and sanitized environments. This includes daily cleaning and sanitizing of toys, play equipment, sleeping mats, and food preparation areas.

Special non-toxic, child-safe cleaning products are used to ensure no harmful residues are left behind. Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces helps to minimize the spread of infections among the children and staff.

Medical cleaning

Medical cleaning services are crucial for maintaining a sterile environment in facilities such as clinics, dental offices, and outpatient centers. This specialized cleaning goes beyond standard practices to prevent cross-contamination and control infections. Tasks include disinfecting examination rooms, sanitizing medical equipment, and cleaning waiting areas with hospital-grade disinfectants.

Ensuring a germ-free environment is essential for patient safety and compliance with stringent health regulations.

Hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning services demands the highest standards of sanitation to protect the health of patients, visitors, and staff. This comprehensive cleaning covers patient rooms, surgical suites, labs, and public spaces. Each area requires specific cleaning protocols, using EPA-approved disinfectants to eliminate pathogens effectively. Therefore the amount of qualified professional cleaning services for hospitals to chose from are limited.

Continuous training and adherence to infection control procedures are critical components of hospital cleaning services.

Office cleaning

Office cleaning services helps create a tidy, professional, and healthy working environment for office spaces in commercial businesses. Regular office cleaning include dusting, vacuum cleaning, trash removal, and the cleaning of restrooms and kitchenettes. Attention is also given to high-traffic and high-touch areas like lobbies, conference rooms, and elevator buttons.

Effective office cleaning not only enhances the appearance of the workspace but also contributes to improved employee productivity and well-being by reducing the presence of allergens and bacteria.

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