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What is post construction cleaning? The details of construction cleaning

What is post-construction cleaning? As a commercial cleaning company with expertise in post-construction cleaning, we do not feel the specifics has been detailed well enough as well as the expertise and support needed from the perspective of the construction project manager. Providing more detailed insight to the challenges and what makes post-construction cleanup a specialized service, is the aim of this article.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is a specialized service designed to address the unique challenges of post-construction cleanup after construction projects. It involves a comprehensive process of removing all traces of debris, dust, and waste from new builds or renovation sites, ensuring the building is safe, clean, and ready for occupancy.

What are the challenges of post-construction cleaning?

From just looking at a construction site it should be clear that a construction projects are very different from conventional commercial cleaning such as industrial cleaning, office cleaning, or even school cleaning.

  • Complex Debris Removal: Construction process generate a wide variety of debris, including large materials and fine dust, which require different approaches for removal and disposal.
  • Safety Concerns: Navigating a post-construction site safely involves dealing with potential hazards such as sharp objects, electrical risks, and chemical exposure.
  • Strict Deadlines: The pressure to meet client deadlines means cleaning must be completed efficiently and effectively in a short timeframe.
  • Quality Standards: Ensuring a high level of cleanliness that meets or exceeds client expectations and regulatory standards.
  • Waste Disposal Regulations: Adhering to local and federal guidelines for the proper disposal of construction waste to avoid environmental harm and potential fines.
  • Varied Surface Types: Cleaning diverse materials and surfaces without causing damage requires specialized training and equipment.
  • Resource Management: Deploying the right number of skilled cleaners with the necessary equipment at the right time can be logistically challenging.
  • Access Issues: Some areas may be difficult to reach or require special equipment to clean thoroughly.
  • Dust Control: Construction dust can be pervasive and requires comprehensive efforts to eliminate from all areas of a building, including HVAC systems.
  • Client Satisfaction: Maintaining clear communication and meeting the specific needs of clients to ensure their satisfaction with the cleaning process.

How poor quality impacts the construction project manager

Unable to manage the entire cleaning scope, identify problems and mitigate

As construction project manager, like every manager and executive, is delegating and outsourcing not only to buy skilled capacity but also to delegate management and follow up. That is why a project manager relies on post construction cleanup companies that have deep experience on planning and executing to avoid mishaps, double work, ensure safety, and know exactly how much time they have left, what is left to do, and how to speed up, and still deliver above expectations, on time.

Not finishing on time means daily penalty cost for the construction company

Not meeting the project deadline can result in significant financial penalties for the construction companies. Timely completion of post-construction cleaning is crucial to avoid these costly delays, emphasizing the need for efficiency and punctuality from the cleaning service provider.

Incorrect waste disposal can lead to disposal cost overrun for the construction company

Proper disposal of construction waste is not only a matter of environmental responsibility but also of cost efficiency. Incorrect disposal methods can lead to additional fees and regulatory fines, underscoring the importance of having a knowledgeable post-construction cleaning team familiar with local disposal regulations.

Poor cleaning quality will reflect negatively on the project manager

Inadequate post-construction cleaning crew expertise, lack of comprehensive post-construction cleaning process, systems, and quality control will impact both the cleaning quality, efficiency in progress and negatively impact the project manager’s ability to deliver a pristine building on time to the new building owner.

Inability to provide provide sufficient cleaning crew when needed

A construction project will always struggle meeting the dead-line because of the vast amount of dependencies across construction workers, so the project manager relies on the post-construction cleaning services company to be able to staff up fast as the timeline contracts. That is just life on a construction site that a cleaning company must be able to solve easily in order to deliver what is expected.

What is The Goal of Post-Construction Cleaning?

The goal of post-construction cleaning is to transform the construction site into a clean, safe, and ready-to-use space by thoroughly removing all construction debris, any dust particles, and residues. However, the goal of the construction company and the reason for hiring a post-construction cleaning company is to eliminate the need for the project manager to follow up on cleaning quality, timely progress, and to ensure the dead-line for completion is protected.

Post-construction cleaning company requirements

The goal for the project manager

For the project manager, the primary goal in hiring a post-construction cleaning service is to ensure a seamless transition from construction to completion, facilitating a swift handover to the client. This involves maintaining a clean, safe, and fully functional site, devoid of any construction remnants, to uphold the project’s integrity and client satisfaction.

The goal for the post-construction cleaning company

The aim for the post-construction cleaning services company is to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution that addresses the unique challenges of a construction site, ensuring it meets all safety and cleanliness standards. This includes deploying skilled cleaners, employing strategic cleaning processes, and effectively managing resources to meet the project’s timelines and quality expectations.

What is the difference between renovation and a new construction project?

Renovation cleaning often involves a floor cleaning andworking around existing structures, requiring careful planning and execution to preserve the integrity of the space while removing all traces of construction work. In contrast, new construction cleaning typically deals with a completely new space, which may involve larger-scale debris removal and cleaning but without the constraints of pre-existing elements.

The Process of Post-Construction Cleanup

The process of post-construction cleanup is a meticulous and systematic approach designed to address the mess left behind the construction process. The three phases of post-construction cleaning are absolutely essential for transforming a newly built or renovated space into a clean, safe, and habitable environment. This process is typically divided into the following three phases:

3 phases of construction cleaning

1. The Rough Cleaning Phase

  • Key Tasks – This initial phase involves removal and disposal of the larger debris, such as leftover materials, packaging, and any hazardous materials. It’s about making the space safe and navigable.
  • Examples of What Is Key – Safety is paramount; ensuring that nails, screws, and other sharp objects are collected, and hazardous materials are properly disposed of. Large items and heavy debris are removed, and the site is swept for the next cleaning phase.

2. The Light Cleaning Phase

  • Key Tasks – Once the bulk of the debris is cleared, the focus shifts to more detailed cleaning. This includes washing windows, dusting surfaces, and cleaning walls. It’s also when bathrooms, kitchens, and other specific areas begin to look finished.
  • Examples of What Is Key – Attention to detail is critical in this phase. Cleaning dust from surfaces, including ceilings and light fixtures, and ensuring that glass surfaces are streak-free are priorities. This phase sets the stage for the final inspection, making sure that the space starts to feel polished and closer to its final appearance.

3. The Final Cleaning Phase

  • Key Tasks – The final phase is about deep cleaning and preparing the space for its occupants. This includes thorough cleaning of all floors, carpets, and surfaces, polishing stainless steel and glass, and ensuring that every corner of the project meets the highest standards of cleanliness.
  • Examples of What Is Key – The final touches make all the difference—ensuring that carpets are stain-free, floors are polished, and there’s no dust in sight. This phase requires a meticulous approach, often involving a checklist to ensure nothing is missed, including ensuring that the HVAC system is clean and operational, and that the space smells fresh and inviting.

What is required of the post-construction cleaning company?

The primary concern of the construction cleaning company is to support the project manager and ensure the building looks inpeccable at handover to the building owners, on time. The project manager has the plate full of coordination and follow up on construction work to ensure timely completion to specifications. The project manager is not looking to also manage the construction cleanup, that is why the experts in construction cleaning was hired, and what they expect.

As project manager you should be vetting the short-list of cleaning companies that check the following boxes:

  • A supervisor and crew with expertise in construction cleaning, capable of addressing the specific challenges of post-construction sites.
  • A specific post-construction cleaning process and systems designed to ensure comprehensive coverage and efficiency.
  • A system to support the construction cleaning crew with tasks and descriptions for efficiency, ensuring every part of the project is addressed.
  • Ability to measure and track status, progress, and quality to provide transparency and assurance to the project manager.
  • Quality control mechanisms to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety.
  • Reporting and updates to the project manager to keep them informed of the cleaning progress and any issues encountered.
  • Flexible staffing of expert construction cleaners to adapt to the varying demands of the project.
  • Adherence to local construction waste disposal guidelines to ensure environmental compliance and cost-efficiency.

For a detailed checklist please consult our post construction cleaning checklist.

What is the required expertise of the post-construction cleaners?

The professional cleaning company must be knowledgeable in handling construction-specific challenges, such as safely disposing of hazardous materials, using the appropriate various cleaning chemicals and agents for different surfaces, and operating cleaning machinery. They should also be adept at working efficiently to meet tight deadlines, ensuring the site is immaculately cleaned and ready for its new occupants.

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