SEA LIFE Aquarium &

LEGOLAND Discovery Center


SEA LIFE Aquarium & LEGOLAND Discovery Center – New Jersey

Advantage Cleaning helps Sea Life Aquarium & LEGOLAND Discovery Center in New Jersey, increase visitor ratings and reviews, by delivering consistent high quality cleaning with our exceptional cleaning “Process-Improvement-Plan”.

In the short time span of 3 weeks, Advantage Cleaning helped Sea Life & LEGOLAND increase the “visitor satisfaction ratings” by implementing our cleaning “Process-Improvement-Plan“, which allows us to measures cleaning quality via our quality inspections, identify areas for improvement, and inspect results of improved cleaning process, in one single cleaning cycle.

Floor Cleaning - LEGO New Jersey
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Floor cleaning at LEGOLand New Jersey

Visitor Rating

Visitor rating increased from XX to YY

40,000 sq.ft.

Daily cleaning of 100,000 sqft

7 days a week

Daily cleaning, weekly performance review.

ONE Cleaning Plan

All cleaners and quality inspectors work off the same digital cleaning plan


The management team of Madam Tussaud’s New York decided to contract with Advantage Cleaning LLC to elevate cleaning quality and achieve higher cleaning consistency, through a systematic cleaning process. Madame Tussaud’s New York is measuring visitor ratings on strategic locations to understand the impact of cleaning quality on visitor satisfaction and ratings.


Madame Tussaud have implemented “rating” kiosks i strategic locations through out the facilities to measure the visitor experience, and provide guidance for improvement.

The diligent in-house cleaning team at Madame Tussaud’s New York, did not have a cleaning system, training, and continued improvement process needed to deliver the desired ratings from the visitors to the Madame Tussaud New York facilities.


Weekly quality control meeting and performance improvement plan. With the joint effort of the two teams, Advantage Cleaning addressed all the concerns and areas of cleaning quality improvement needed, through (1) detailed training of our cleaning professionals, (2) making the cleaning plan available digitally, to enforce the custom cleaning requirements.

Measuring customer feedback

Weekly performance review meeting of customer feedback and decision on corrective action

Update of the digital cleaning plan used by our cleaning team

Team training, accountability, due diligence, and reviews

Digital communication platform for easy and speedy communication with customer


With the assistance of Advantage Cleaning, Madame Tussaud has reduced the internal cleaning team from 18 to 5, and reduced the management’s need to daily follow-up on cleaning quality from daily to a weekly performance review. The visitors “rating” has increased from XX to YY.

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