Vivienne Westwood

Flagship store, New York

Vivienne Westwood – New York

Advantage Cleaning helps Vivienne Westwood flagship store in New York, increase visitor happiness, by delivering our exceptional cleaning “Process-Improvement-Plan”. We have assisted the flagship store manager achieve an exclusive store appearance that match the brand and store experience that is expected at a Vivienne Westwood flagship location in New York. We are proud to be serving Vivienne Westwood and help provide the confidence and pride of the store experience, and the spontaneous praise they receive from the customers.


“Omar and team have supported me through two companies I worked for. They are prompt, professional and do a thorough job each time they clean. It made perfect sense when I moved on to a bigger retail company to ask if they would work with me again. In business its always a comfort to know a business you rely on to keep your space spotless never lets you down.”

– ANNA LEE, Vivienne Westwood
Carpet cleaning
Vivienne Westwood Store New York
Show room cleaning
Advantage Cleaning Team
Cleaning team

Visitor Rating

Visitor rating increased from XX to YY

40,000 sq.ft.

Daily cleaning of 100,000 sqft

7 days a week

Daily cleaning, weekly performance review.

ONE Cleaning Plan

All cleaners and quality inspectors work off the same digital cleaning plan


The management team of Vivienne Westwood flagship store, decided to contract with Advantage Cleaning LLC to elevate cleaning quality and achieve higher cleaning consistency to match the brand name and luxurious flagship store.


Vivienne Westwood wanted a vendor with a high quality cleaning standard, that would ensure that their trust and confidence in their store experience would never fail, and would add to the Vivienne Westwood luxury experience.


Weekly quality control meeting and performance improvement plan. With the joint effort of the two teams, Advantage Cleaning addressed all the concerns and areas of cleaning quality improvement needed, through (1) detailed training of our cleaning professionals, (2) making the cleaning plan available digitally, to enforce the custom cleaning requirements.

Measuring customer feedback

Weekly performance review meeting of customer feedback and decision on corrective action

Update of the digital cleaning plan used by our cleaning team

Team training, accountability, due diligence, and reviews

Digital communication platform for easy and speedy communication with customer


With the assistance of Advantage Cleaning, Vivienne Westwood have full focus on serving in-store customers and trusts Advantage Cleaning to ensure a spotless store experience.

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