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Fitness Center & Gym Cleaning Services in NYC

New York expert Gym Cleaning Services. We Have Been Cleaning New York’s Fitness Centers & Health Clubs, since 2010. We take pride in our customers’ appearance, health and safety.

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High-End Cleaning For Gym & Fitness Centers

We deliver high-end fitness center cleaning services that help our clients, with fitness centers and health clubs, get raving reviews from their gym members.

We Take Pride In Your Appearance

When you run a gym and fitness center,  it’s important to show your customers that your facilities are clean, safe and well maintained, and for that you need a reputable company with the highest standards.

At Advantage Cleaning we have been cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting gym, fitness centers, and health clubs in New York since 2010.

We know it’s a relief when you have a commercial cleaning company that understands how to clean a fitness center and have the communication platform in place that makes it easy to be a customer.

With Advantage Cleaning’s, app based, continuous cleaning improvement process, your custom cleaning plan is used our daily cleaning and quality control. As we make improvements, the changes are instantly added to your cleaning plan, executed, and part of our quality inspection.

Fitness center in New York
Our Fitness and gym cleaning services New York City

We are experts in fitness center cleaning services

Germs are everywhere: on handles, grips, fitness equipment rooms and busy locker rooms.

What makes us gym cleaning experts?

We have a comprehensive gym cleaning checklist that we use to customize your gym cleaning service plan specifically for your fitness center. It ensures we follow our system of removing germs and bacteria on a daily basis.

Our team of gym cleaning professionals is equipped with our gym cleaning app, cleaning and disinfection equipment, the right cleaning agents and is highly trained.

Let’s talk about your fitness center

Contact us for a free on-site walk-through and estimate that includes a detailed cleaning plan and time frame for your gym. Get a free quote today.

The Areas Of Importance In Fitness Facilities

Germs are everywhere: on handles, grips, fitness equipment and busy locker rooms, and represent a health risk in a fitness facility. The areas of particular importance from a health and safety perspective are

  • Treadmills & Exercise Bikes
  • Free Weights
  • Fitness Matts
  • Shower & Locker Room

We take particular notice of these high-risk areas in our gym cleaning.

Shower and locker room in NYC fitness center

Our health club janitorial services

Our health club janitorial services target very specific high traffic and high touch areas that are unique to fitness centers. For example, front desk, locker room and equipment rooms. These areas represent the highest concentration of germs and bacteria, creating cross contamination and health issues, especially during business hours. Our health club cleaning and fitness center cleaning services are comprehensive with a specific focus on these high risk areas.

Free Weights

Wipe down and sanitize all gym equipment, weight machines, benches and racks. Clean and sanitize rubber mats, followed by disinfection spraying. Clean and polish mirrors.

Fitness Equipment

Wipe down and sanitize all cardio equipment, electronic displays. Clean and sanitize rubber mats, followed by disinfection spraying. Clean and polish mirrors.

Workout Rooms

Floor cleaning, clean and sanitize rubber mats, exercise equipment, polish mirrors.

Locker Rooms

Clean and disinfect to control fungus and mold in shower stalls and locker areas. Polish mirrors, wipe down all vertical surfaces, counter tops, benches, doors, door handles and sinks. Replenish soap and sanitizer dispensers, paper towel dispensers.

Vending Machines

Cleaning and sanitizing of water fountains, vending machines, and countertops in common areas.

Floor Cleaning

Our gym floor cleaning includes sweep, vacuum and sanitize floors in entrance, all workout areas, locker and restrooms. Floor cleaning method is determined by floor type.

Sauna & Spa Area

Clean and disinfect to control fungus and mold in the sauna and spa area.  Wipe down and sanitize chairs, doors, and vertical surfaces.

Targeting Germs

Our quality inspection targets high traffic and high touch areas to ensure elimination of germs and bacteria. Our cleaning system dictates the use of color coded cleaning supplies to eliminate cross contamination.

Disinfection Services

Professional event cleaning and disinfecting services of your fitness facilities to ensure the health and safety and combat the spread of Covid-19.

Your Custom Gym Cleaning

We create a custom cleaning plan for each of our gyms and fitness centers based on our health club cleaning system.

Your custom cleaning plan is made available to our team of professional gym cleaners through their smartphone. This helps us ensure that we clean according to your specifications, and how we deliver consistency, cleaning quality .

As our client you will get access to our digital phone based platform for communication and instant response from our cleaning team.

Got a request, or urgent cleaning need? Just send us a message, add an image, and we’ll report back when the job is done.

The process and quality of our Gym Cleaning Service

Green Gym Cleaning Service

To us “green cleaning” means using efficient cleaning and disinfection products designed for the environment, and therefore an integrated part of our health club and fitness center cleaning services.

Green Vacuum Cleaning

Our vacuum cleaners carry the Carpet & Rug Institute seal of approval, which means low energy consumption, efficient filters, low noise levels.

Green Cleaning Products

We strictly use cleaning products that follow EPA’s guidelines for “Designed For the Environment” and “Safer Chemicals”.

Advantage Cleaning delivers quality health club cleaning and safety in the most eco-friendly manner.


Friendly & Professional Gym Cleaners

We have cleaned gyms and fitness centers across NYC and the Tri-State area for more than a decade. Our entire team of +100 professional cleaners are trained by our dedicated cleaning trainers, in:

  • Health and safety standards
  • Use of cleaning products, and equipment.
  • Use of disinfecting equipment and disinfectant.

Our accountability and line of command ensures that we always show up, on time, as a complete team, to deliver the consistent high quality janitorial services, that we are known for.

Advantage Cleaning crew in New York
The Advantage team of friendly and professional cleaners

Want to Talk?

Contact us for a free on-site walk-through and estimate that includes a detailed cleaning plan for your square footage and a time frame for your health club or fitness center. Get a free quote today.

Our Cleaning Certifications

A key element in the high quality of our medical cleaning services, is how we stay current through our memberships in leading national commercial cleaning organizations like OSHA and BSCAI.

This is our guarantee to our customers that they always get trained and certified commercial cleaning professionals that can deliver the highest quality commercial cleaning services, safety, and application of the right cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.

How It Works

Request A Walkthrough

Schedule a walkthrough of your facilities and we will reply to you immediately and confirm our appointment.

Confirm Booking

We will confirm your booking along with your instructions via secure transaction.

We’ll Clean It

Our trained staff will create your customized cleaning plan to help disinfect and elevate cleaning quality of your workspace.

What Our Customers About Us

Read what our customers have to say about our commercial cleaning services

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“Omar and team have supported me through two companies I worked for. They are prompt, professional and do a thorough job each time they clean. It made perfect sense when I moved on to a bigger retail company to ask if they would work with me again. In business its always a comfort to know a business you rely on to keep your space spotless never lets you down.”

ANNA LEE BASSANI MENA, Vivienne Westwood
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“Advantage Cleaning, great team and very effective cleaning standards. My flagship store need quick assistance to prepare for our store opening. This team not only upheld safety standards but they thoroughly deep cleaned our Fifth Avenue retail location to the highest standard of cleanliness.

I personally and professionally thank this team for their work and dedication. I will be using them from here on out.”

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“Advantage cleaning is all you are looking for: very professional, very efficient, amazing communication. Always perfectly cleaned when they come. Big Thank you to the CEO Omar Miller who is always trying to help and make sure everything is perfect. Much recommended to any business looking for a cleaning company Jonathan (Ladurée US)”

JONATHAN CAMARGO, Laduree Restaurant
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““I am the Facilities Manager at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York and have been with my company for twenty years. I can honestly say that in my twenty years’ experience, Advantage Cleaning is by far the best cleaning company I have ever worked with. They are a dedicated team that show up on time and when they are in the attraction, they pay attention to all the little details. They do such a great job here at our attraction that if given the choice to have the cleaning crew become an in-house internal team, I would refuse because of how good a job they do. They are reliable, trustworthy, and deviated to their jobs and it really shows. I highly recommend Advantage Cleaning LLC to anyone who is seriously considering hiring outside cleaning services, and I can say with experience that you will not be disappointed.”

Madame Tussauds NYC
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