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Office Cleaning Checklist

What is an office cleaning checklist?

Professional cleaning and maintenance checklist, provides you with a cleaning checklist and disinfection / cleaning plan for keeping your office environment clean and safe. Because, who doesn’t want their office clean?

Office cleaning checklists allow the cleaning crew to know what the office cleaning needs are and have a standard of expectations. As a result, it helps to get the job done more accurately and efficiently. In addition, it also allows management to audit if the work is being done on time and correctly.

Having a clean and disinfected office space provides numerous benefits for your company. Your employees and visitors will feel that your company cares about their health and safety. It also shows that you take pride in your brand image and invest in your appearance which instills confidence in your company. Therefore, we have broken down this checklist into sections covering the daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning activities for all areas of your office; along with specific areas that require unique tasks to themselves, such as a kitchen or restroom.

General Office Cleaning

In this section of general office cleaning, we’re defining what cleaning activities should be done in all areas of the office every day, every week and every month. So, we’ve broken down the common cleaning activities that should be done in all areas of the office.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty trash receptacles (replace liner)
  • Spot Clean Door Glass
  • Clean and Sanitize Door Knobs and Push Plates
  • Baseboards (Dust, Damp Wipe)
  • Spot Clean Walls (No Flat Painted Walls)
  • Clean and Sanitize Light Switches & Fixtures
  • Medium Dust (Sills, Horizontal surfaces)
  • Low Dust (Baseboards)
  • Clean all glass surfaces
  • Vacuum Carpet
  • Vacuum Corners and Edges 
  • Vacuum Floor Mats
  • Carpet Spotting
  • Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs
  • Scrub Hard Floors
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Damp Mop Floor Hard Surfaces
Office Desk Cleaning
Office floor cleaning

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean Windows
  • High Dust (Vents, Lights, Corners, Blinds, Items on Walls)
  • Polish Floor
  • Burnish Floor
  • Clean Ceramic Tile and Grout

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Strip and Wax Hard Floor
  • Treat Hardwood Surfaces
  • Scrub and Re-coat Floor
  • Clean Ceramic Tile and Grout
  • Seal Grout Lines
  • Clean and Seal Stone Floor

Lobby and Office Reception Area

If you have a front area of your office that welcomes guests, allows them to sit and wait for their appointments and stops unwanted visitors; you want to make sure it gives a good first impression while helping people feel safe and welcomed. To do that, make sure you take the following cleaning steps.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Spot Clean Door Glass
  • Clean and Sanitize Door Knobs and Push Plates
  • Spot Clean Walls (No Flat Painted Walls)
  • Clean and Sanitize Light Switches & Fixtures
  • Clean and Sanitize Telephones
  • Wipe Down All Sitting Furniture
  • Dust Plants and Fixtures
  • Vacuum Floors and Carpet
  • Vacuum Corners and Edges 
  • Vacuum Floor Mats
  • Straighten Magazines on Tables
Office Lobby Cleaning

Meeting Rooms and Office Areas

Because employees spend the majority of their day at their office desks, it’s important to keep these areas as clean as possible to keep them in good health and good spirits. But, dust and germs can collect on personal desks right in front of their faces for 8 hours every day. Therefore, to get the most from cleaning tasks on a daily basis, all desks should be tidied up by the employee, with as many personal effects removed as possible.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Damp Wipe Outside of Trash Can (As needed)
  • Medium Dust (Tables, File Cabinets, Sills, Horizontal surfaces)
  • Low Dust (Chair & Table Legs, Sides of Desks, Cabinets)
  • Cleared Desks, Tables (Damp Wipe)
  • Clean and Sanitize Telephones
  • Spot Clean Door Glass
  • Clean and Sanitize Door Knobs and Push Plates
  • Spot Clean Walls (No Flat Painted Walls)
  • Clean and Sanitize Light Switches & Fixtures
  • Medium Dust (Sills, Horizontal surfaces)
  • Straighten Chairs and Tables
  • Damp Mop Office Chair Plastic Mats
  • Upholstery Cleaning – Office Chairs
  • Office Partition Cleaning
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Damp Mop Hard Floor Surfaces
Office meeting room cleaning

Office Kitchen and Break Room

Because people consume food and beverages in office kitchens and break room, it’s crucial to keep these areas very clean, free of bacteria and germs. Keeping countertops, microwaves, sinks and tables clean and sanitized will reduce the spread of illnesses in the workplace.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Fill Paper Products and Hand Soap Dispensers
  • Clean Sink, Countertops, Tables
  • Wipe down Chairs
  • Straighten Chairs and Tables
  • Spot Clean Outside of Cabinets
  • Dust Horizontal Surfaces (Tables, File Cabinets, Sills, Pictures, etc.)
  • Sanitize drinking fountains/filtered water units
  • Clean Outside of Microwave
  • Clean Inside of Microwave
  • Clean Outside of Refrigerator
  • Clean Inside of Refrigerator
  • Clean Outside of Stove
  • Clean Inside of Stove
  • Clean Outside of Dishwasher
  • Clean Inside of Dishwasher
  • Clean Outside of vending machines
Office Kitchen Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Clean restrooms are a key factor to eliminating germs and bacteria. Keeping them clean and sanitized will reduce the spread of illnesses in the workplace. It’s important to avoid cross contamination when cleaning restrooms; reducing the spread of any pathogens.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

  • Empty Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Receptacle (Replace Bags as Needed)
  • Countertops and Sinks (Clean, Sanitize, Polish)
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilet Seats and Urinals
  • Clean Mirrors and Glass Surfaces
  • Low Dust (Baseboards, Sink Piping)
  • Pour Water Down Floor Drain
  • Wash Walls (No Flat Painted Walls)
  • Clean, Sanitize and Polish Chrome fixtures
  • Clean, Sanitize and Polish Stainless Steel Dispensers and Grab Bars.
  • Fill Hand Soap, Toilet Paper, Hand Towel Dispensers
  • Fill Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispenser
  • Doors, Partitions (Spot Clean and dust)
restroom cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Along with daily cleaning checklist and/or weekly office cleaning checklist, deep cleaning should be done on a routine basis to maintain a clean office. You could think of them as monthly cleaning tasks. Electrostatic disinfection should also be included in the deep cleaning process as it’s the perfect time to fully disinfect the office once the dirt and grime has been removed. Here’s what a deep cleaning should include:

  • Machine scrubbing restroom floors (helps eliminate urine smell)
  • Redoing of caulk around the toilets and sinks
  • Wiping down all desks (ask employees to remove everything from the surface)
  • Clean all kitchen cabinets, appliances, stove, oven, refrigerator, etc
  • Dusting & Wiping blinds
  • Scrubbing baseboards
  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors underneath furniture
  • Clean and sanitize all computer keyboards and screen
  • Window cleaning
  • High dusting ceilings, fixtures, lighting
  • Stripping and waxing floors
  • Carpet cleaning
Office deep cleaning

Office Disinfection

Office disinfection should be done immediately after a cleaning and requires electrostatic sprayers that combine a disinfectant solution with air and an electrode to give it an electric charge. When the solution is charged, it’s sprayed onto the surfaces of the office such as desks, tables, chairs, door handles and countertops. The positively charged disinfectant bonds with any negatively charged surface. Therefore, this makes the disinfectant coat evenly, killing all pathogens on the surfaces.

Cleaning and sanitizing of all high-touch points in the lobby, including elevator doors, elevator buttons, front desk, carpets, hand-rails, and door handles.

Cleaning and disinfection of high-risk contamination areas like desks, monitors, keyboards, chairs, copy machines, printers, phones, and all fixtures throughout the offices.

Cleaning and sanitizing all high-touch points, including all counter tops, cabinets, tables, chairs, drawers, water fountains, coffee machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc., before final disinfection.

disinfection with electrostatic sprayer
Disinfection Services With Electrostatic Sprayer

Complete cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms, toilets, partitions, bathroom stalls, kick plates, push plates, doors, sinks, dispensers, mirrors, and garbage cans. Sweeping and mopping all floors in all bathrooms

All carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed and hard surface floors mopped & scrubbed before general disinfection of all areas in your facility.

Cleaning the walls, wipe down and polishing all vertical high-touch glass and metal surfaces before disinfection.

Doors & Panels
Cleaning and sanitizing all doors, door knobs, light switches, operator panels in all areas of the facilities before final disinfection

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